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There He Lies
He lies there,
the man who taught me
what strength really is,
unable to even lift his arm;
turning his head
a challenging task
and standing
an impossible one.
There he lies
the man who told me
to be independent,
having to resort
to wetting the bed;
counting on someone else
to bathe him,
unable to even eat.
Lying there
is the man who taught me
to use my head,
slurring words
in fragmented sentences;
unable to even recall
who I am.
And it's there
he shows me what hope
looks like,
when it begins to wane
when it looks as if
the night has come,
until he looks outside
and sees the sun.
He lies there,
the man that raised me,
shaped me,
taught me,
loved me,
and showed me what life is;
wanting nothing more
than to finish his.

Written by
Alcedo Susurrus
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Tonight Everlasting
wraps itself about my heart;
and I finally face the truth
that all men are mortal.
Written by
Alcedo Susurrus
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It's Late
It’s late and I should be asleep,
but I can’t seem to close my eyes.
I can feel the day take its toll
but something else tears at my soul.
The silent nights,
the fading light,
the gentle kiss;
I reminisce
over the times
that were my prime.
And I found myself staring at
the same ten digits every night,
and I can hear the echo still
of the phone smashing on the floor.
A fleeting yelp,
calling for help.
I need your strength,
for but the length
of an hour;
but one hour.
And yet it is not fair for me
to rob you of that hour’s bliss,
to tear you away from your love;
from your friends, yourself, from your life. . .
I have no right,
and so this night
I will survive,
wither or thrive,
without your voice
to guide my choice.
Sitting in the lifeless silence
of my heart, I piece the puzzle
slowly together through the night;
as tears begin to fill my eyes.
Written by
Alcedo Susurrus
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Have You
Have you ever stared to the sky
as the sun sank wondering why
we're so alone amidst this world.
Have you ever watched as leaves twirled,
laughing as they danced, on the breeze;
their whimsical fall from the trees.
Have you ever lain in a tree's shade
questioning choices that you've made,
forgetting time as hours pass.
Have you walked across lush green grass
admiring a silken rose,
but to get mud upon your clothes.
Have you looked to the faint starlight
in awe as their grace fills the night,
but feel more like the waning moon.
Have you held someone leaving soon,
wanting to save them from all harm,
and yet awake to empty arms.
Have you ever stared into the sky
feeling autumn's breath as you close your eyes.
Have you dreamed of what life could be,
only for those dreams to be lost at sea.
Have basked within dawn's first light,
overcoming the solitude of night.
Have you ever asked the world why,
only to receive a dismissive sigh.
Like this question, long overdue,
many things can arise in li
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His Eyes
His eyes,
two marble slates,
tear at both my heart and soul;
dawn's light begins to fill the room,
caught within the mirror.

Alcedo Susurrus
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Soft velvet petals,
lovers waltzing through the air,
bring to us beauty.

Alcedo Susurrus
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Catch Me
I'm falling;
reaching out a hand
and hoping someone catches me.

Alcedo Susurrus
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Rains' Whisper
How softly
the gentle rains call
as they fall,
through the trees' branches and leaves
to the lush green grass.
Sitting here
within the door frame
I stare at
the grey skies
tinted with a pastel blue
and the sun's faint rays.
With the warmth
of this spring morning
wrapped about
my shoulders,
I close my eyes and relax
taking a deep breath.
The cool breeze
intertwining with
my fingers,
I trace these
unwritten thoughts on the wind,
where they'll drift away.
All those words
that fall from my lips
but remain
for the silence of the day,
and the rains' whisper.

Alcedo Susurrus
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those dark reflections
that dance alongside us all
through the day and night, throughout life,
tell who we really are

Alcedo Susurrus
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United States
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Personal Quote: If you rest your tongue and open your ears, there is nothing that you can not learn.
Remember that feeling of weightlessness each time that you reached the top and paused for just a moment when swinging as a child, do you recall how heavy you felt as you passed the ground at the bottom of that same swing. . .

It seems as if life is made to bring us back to that; each day, month, or year filled with a series of rising and falling. Just after opening this account I was pulled away for three months, unplugged and back to the woods and nature that I love so much. Only to find more trees being removed, and few more miles being cleared for housing, parking, stores. . . Now having returned home, and begun classes, feeling renewed and looking forward to the semester and year; I felt that weightless moment for but a span of three days before I came crashing down. Saturday August 18 my grandfather was taken to the hospital for what appeared to be a stroke, however it was a not a stroke. For just a moment I remembered that weightless moment, at least until they tell us what the problem really is; a brain tumor.

Caught off guard, as was the rest of my family, I could almost taste the blood and dirt once more to accompany the pain of falling so hard. As the tests are being preformed, and we all await more information, I can't help but feel that distant feeling of moving and yet not getting anywhere. The hour away that I am from his hospital seems like ten times that as I drive back and forth, unable to miss class or work for than just a few days. However, there is hope, it might not be a severe as we all fear; and there is still the options of radiology or if need be chemotherapy based on the results of the biopsy two days from now. After all, if he can still smile and laugh the rest of us should be able to shouldn't we?

Until the next.
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